Saturday, September 30, 2017

ODI game is not for the hitters but diggers

Once, in recent times, India tried a young batsman who just turned 20. I think they had some opener slot free due to injury so they had him to open, against a 5 match series in SL.

The young opener was very slow for an ODI opener especially to match the legendary Indian openers. His returns were 12 (22), 37 (67), 25 (38), 54 (66), 31 (46). It was a low-scoring tour involving two Dambulla rock scaling games. But, despite the fact that he showed the potential for a long stay, his returns were characteristically too slow. He lost his position [maybe because the other guy recovered from injury].

He was dropped for one year and then he returned as a lower order player again against SL, to make 2 n.o. He got promoted to no 4 and for the first time played diff opponents, making 16(24), 79(104), 30(41), 10(16). 

They dropped him to lower order at times they made good runs as he was the slower cog of the wheel. Remember these are the days of great Tendulkar, Dravid, Sehwag, Dhoni and establishing heroes like Gambir, Raina, UV. They had every damn reason to drop him. They'd have found a "better hitter" by just waiting at the picket fence of a mercenary IPL dressing room, any one of them.

But they retained him. It was for the quality of his. The temperament of his. That they wanted the digger in him more than a wonton hitter they may find at every gate they knock. And moreover he was given a massive IPL deal and a permanent club to play for.

The lucky bastard is Virat Kohli. and this one is for those who still think ODI game is a hitter's game. I agree that his first many outings were too slow, but that is not the most important aspect. A good digger will turn a great hitter with much ease compared to vice versa.

I do not look at any particular SL player, but note that we need stable quality strong-minded young diggers, not six hitting broiler chicken. We may loose few games but the stability will be forever. Look next door for the little master if you doubt.


  1. The confidence works wonders!

    1. depends on the style. some so called hitters gain/loose confidence like colombo weather